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Stratford E15 Leather CleanersWhen it comes to delivering professional leather cleaning in Stratford E15, we are the undisputed experts. Our staff all boast an extensive industry training, combined with many years of experience making ours the leading leather cleaning service in the area!

When you book our professional leather cleaners in Stratford E15, you're signing up for a thorough and complete service. Our staff use special equipment to prepare the leather, and then clean it with fine, soft brushes. We'll be able to provide treatment with our special leather conditioners as well, which improve smell and shine in addition to offering a protective coating.

Stratford E15 Leather Sofa CleaningOne of the most popular aspect of our service, is the fine standards of customer service offered by our Stratford E15 leather cleaners. We always strive to deliver complete satisfaction, and as a result we boast a great track record! You can see what some of our past customers have had to say about our work, over on our reviews page.

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Have you wondered why leather furniture is so expensive? The reason is the durability and maintenance, genuine leather can last for decades without and trace of wearing off. This applies to genuine high quality leather of course. There is one type which doesn't posses this qualities - suede, it has a smooth velvet like surface but can be stained very easy and cleaning it can be a little tough. If you posses suede sofa, prepare for trouble when removing stains because it doesn't react well on commercial cleaning products.

On the other hand there is faux leather which is lee expensive and has protective coating which makes it moisture and stain resistant. If you have any problem cleaning or conditioning your leather furniture don't hesitate to contact our professional cleaning specialists. They're experts and know everything about leather, therefore you can rest assured your sofa will be in perfect condition when we're done with it.